Monday, May 16, 2016

Book Share

Hi, it's Kim from Quinnessential Lessons. I created this activity last year when I felt like all our ELA test prep was taking the fun out of reading/ELA. When testing season was over I wanted to bring the enjoyment back to reading. From that, Book Share was born.
The Wings of Fire series is a huge hit in my class this year.

This is not a book report. The students picked a favorite book that they had already read to share with the class. They created a new cover for the book and wrote a few sentences to encourage other students to read the book. They then gave a 2-3 minute book talk. I left this part very open ended. Students could share a favorite part of the book, they could tell why it was their favorite book, they could compare it to another book, etc. The only thing they could not do was give the ending away. 
I love the cover this student created for Smile.

This year I assigned this activity just before testing started. I thought what better way to spend the afternoons after the morning's testing. Well, as usual, nothing has gone as planned. Our schedule has been crazy. There have been multiple interruptions. As a result only five students have shared books at this point. The good news? Those books are now making their way around the classroom. And not a day has gone by that a student hasn't asked, "Are we doing more book shares today?"
This student did such a great job sharing her book that about half the class is in line to read The Name of This Book is Secret.
It's so wonderful when students appreciate the classics.

How do you keep testing from sucking the fun out of school? How do you get your students excited about books?

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