Tuesday, January 26, 2016

15 Tips for Staying Positive all School Year

Hi there.  It's Angela from The Organized Plan Book.  

Well, dear teacher friends...it is already the end of January.  We have (shockingly) moved through half of the school year...but let's face it, it's super easy for us to get caught up in a winter funk.

But hold on...you can't!  You're a teacher.  You have a responsibility to those kiddos.

That's right, you are the decisive element in your classroom.  You are responsible for keeping it all together.  Don't let the winter blues get ya' down.  Check out my 15 strategies for keeping it positive all year long.

1. Stay away from the faculty lounge.
But you knew this one already, of course...

2. Stay away from negative people (especially those who don't enjoy their jobs).
Negative people will suck you dry.  Not just those within our own industry...but anyone who has a negative attitude can bring the happiest of humans down.  Just plain ol' walk away.  Nobody's got time for complaining

3. Sign up for daily inspirational quotes.
A quick search in your Smartphone's app store will turn up some excellent free apps where you can receive motivational quotes.

4. Take a brain break.
These aren't just for the kids ya' know?  Do some quick yoga stretches, take part in the GoNoodle fun with your students, jog in place.  Just give that brain a rest.

5. Listen to music.
I have music playing about 90% of my school day.  I choose appropriate music based on whatever activity we are doing.

6. Draw.
Find a minute to release the frustration by tapping into your creative side.  Adult coloring books are all the rage right now.

7. Go for a walk.
Similar to the brain break, your body needs time to just unwind.  Go for a walk...even if it is just down the hallway.

8. Create small goals.
Celebrate the small goals that will lead you to a larger one.  "Hey, I made it through Wednesday...only two more days of the week left."

9. Create an inspirational quote wall.
You can make this fun and get the students involved also.  They can add to the wall, and you can choose to change it up as much or as little as you would want.

10. Make your classroom comfortable and bright.
You spend so many hours in the classroom...make it a place you want to be.  Choose soothing colors, don't clutter up the space, bring in plants, perhaps turn off the overhead lights and utilize only the daylight in your room.

11. Keep a daily log of things that make you happy.
You can have the students do this as well.  This is a terrific way to kick off your morning and ease into the day...or as an end of the day reflection to help yourself and the students unwind.

12. Keep a mood board in your classroom.
Near my desk I have a french bulletin board that includes pictures of my family, vibrant colors, inspirational quotes, and other misc. things that make me feel good each time I glance at the board.  Like the Sound of Music, "I just simply remember my favorite things...and then I don't feel so bad."  Yep.

13. Utilize essential oils in the classroom.
I have talked about my love for essential oils in the classroom a number of times.  You can can check out my post on how these oils are impacting my students' performance and how I create mood mists in my classroom by clicking the images below.

15. Search for funny memes.
Just a simple Google search or browse through Pinterest for a witty, little meme can have you feeling lighter.  Am I right?
But if you have another one, now you'll know what to do.
Via Troll.me
And that's it, my friends.  15 simple strategies you can use to help you get through your mid-year rut!  Got some more suggestions?  Leave your comments below!

As always, happy teaching!


  1. I love this list! #2 is a must. Negative people can suck the life out of you. Stay away!!!