Saturday, December 5, 2015

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Fun Classroom Activities for December

Happy Saturday!  Welcome back to Day 5 of our holiday link up.  It is Angela from The Organized Plan Book.

I am here today to give you 5 quick, fun holiday activities to use in your classroom.  Each one of these activities is a "Minute to Win It" game...making them perfect for brain breaks or to squeeze in during those transition times.

*Note: All of these games will require a timer.

1. Snow Shovel Race
Snow Shovel Race ~ Winter Minute to Win it Games - maybe with opposite hand:
Photo Credit - Housing a Forest
Cotton balls
Plastic spoons

Student who scoops the most snowballs into the bowl using only the spoon wins the game.

2. Reindeer Nose Game
Photo Credit: Your Homebased Mom
Petroleum jelly
Red craft pom poms (one per each student)
12 inch piece of string (one for each student)
Hot glue gun

Attach the pom pom to the end of each string.
Students place the opposite end of the string in their mouths.
They have 1 minute to get the pom to stick to their nose.
Careful, they cannot use their hands!

3. Snowman Wrap
Photo Credit - Party Wishes
Toilet paper
Black and orange construction paper
Misc. winter accessories to decorate the snowman (hat, scarf, gloves, etc.)

Students are sorted into small teams.
Each team selects one student to be the snowman.
The rest of the students must wrap the snowman in toilet paper and decorate.
Whoever makes the best Frosty wins the game!

4. Pin the Heart on the Grinch
Photo Credit: Mom's Tot School
Picture or hand drawing of the Grinch
Heart cutout

A spin off of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, students must get the Grinch's heart in the right place.

5. Candy Cane Pick Up Game
Candy Cane, Candy, Cane, Winter, Christmas, Heart, Pile
2-3 boxes of candy canes (depending on the number of students playing the game)
4-5 holiday-themed buckets or bowls (can be purchased at a dollar store)

4-5 players are selected at a time.
Each student is given a candy cane, which they place (straight side) into their mouth.
A pile of candy canes is placed in front of each player.
Each student must pick up as many candy canes as they can and place them into the bowl.
Students may only pick up and transfer the candy canes using the candy cane in their mouth.

Have some fun holiday games you use in your classroom?  We want to hear about them!  Either leave your comments below, or link up with us!

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  1. I have to try minute to win it in the classroom! Thank you for sharing and hosting this linky!

  2. They are so fun! I incorporate them into my morning meeting. Thanks for linking up!