Friday, December 11, 2015

May Your Classroom Be Merry and Bright: Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Hi there, it's Angela from The Organized Plan Book.  It is Day 11 of our linky party...just one day left to celebrate the holidays with us here at Focused on Fifth.

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Today we are talking about seasonal strategies to create an upbeat, positive classroom environment.  I am using two popular classroom management techniques...with a fun, seasonal twist.

1)  "Little Hope" (the kiddos named him) is our kindness snowman who hides around the room looking for random acts of kindness and good deeds carried out by the students.  Each time he sees one, he makes a special note to fill that student's stocking with a gem.

Little Hope isn't afraid of heights.
2) Have you Filled a Stocking? is a spin-off from the popular book, Have you Filled a Bucket?  I read this story to the students at the beginning of the year, but gave them a little refresher read on December 1st.

We make the connection between bucket fillers and stocking fillers.  When the students leave the classroom for electives, Little Hope and I team together to fill the students' stockings with jolly gems for every act of kindness we witnessed.
The students absolutely love looking around the room to see where Little Hope will hide next...and seeing their stockings collect gems.

I love that we are encouraging kindness through this fun management system.  The kids are really engaged and motivated to want to help their peers.  I am careful not to promise them a special treat for collecting gems because my goal is to encourage my kiddos to be kind...for the simple act of just being kind.  :)

You can also learn about another seasonal management system I am using to help keep my students on track by clicking the picture below.

Finally, check out my post on mood mists to see how I am maintaining a positive classroom environment all year round.

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  1. I use buckets in my classroom also! Some of my most thoughtful kids check the buckets periodically to make sure everyone has a compliment! :) I love your mood mists; I know I love essential oils but never thought to use with my kids!! Thanks!!

  2. I love the idea of mood mists! Thanks so much for sharing some great ideas!