Monday, December 7, 2015

Making Lists and Checking 'em Twice: Seasonal Organizational Tips

Hi, it's Angela from The Organized Plan Book.  It's Day 7 of our holiday link up and I am super excited to be here to talk about a topic near and dear to my heart...organization!  Let's do this.

The first way I keep my materials organized is sorted in containers.  These containers are each labeled by month and hold all the materials I reuse from year to year.  Anything from decorations to bulletin board displays, and task cards to goodie bags.

The bin labels are from the Schoolgirl Style's Paisley, Turquoise, Blue and Green line. You can purchase the pack here.
The bins are 15 qt. Sterilite containers ordered from Target.  You can purchase them here

The second way I organize is digitally.  I just started this process after reading this post by our very own Myranda of Keep Calm and Teach Fifth.  She talks all about how she eliminates paperwork and extra clutter by organizing all of her lesson units via Google Docs.

I loved this idea so much when I saw it, that I got right to work organizing my units.  I simply created folders by season, then within each season, created separate holiday folders to store my lesson materials.

My favorite part about "storing" my plans this way is so that I don't forget what I have.  How many times have you found a fabulous product on Pinterest and saved it with the intention of "using it next year"?  Too many times I bet.

With Google Docs, now I don't forget.  I simply download the product item as soon as I find it, then immediately store it away in my Google Doc folder.  If the item is something I am not sure I want to purchase right away, I make a note to look into the product next year with a direct link to the resource.

The best part?  I love that I can grab my files from literally anywhere.  I also love that I can see the PDF cover page of the product, making it easy to grab what I need and print.

Finally, I love this idea from First Grade Fanatics to help store those lesson resources that have already been printed.  I plan on purchasing smaller containers to store my task card and centers.
Monthly Storage idea: would love to put experiment and craft supplies together by month so no last-minute gathering needed or missed learning activities b/c of missing supplies!:
Photo Credit - First Grade Fanatics
For more great organization hacks, check out the other bloggers below.  And of course, if you have some seasonal organization tips of your own, please share with your comment below, or by linking up with us!


  1. Great ideas! I made the switch from paper files to digital files a few years ago and haven't looked back! It makes planning so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I totally agree! It makes a world of difference. Thanks for linking up!