Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Art Projects and Craftivities

Hey guys, it's Angela from The Organized Plan Book.  I am super excited to be hosting Day 3 of our holiday link up where we are talking all about art projects for the classroom.

I have been searching the Internet rounding up some seriously awesome classroom craft ideas.  What makes these so awesome?  Each one of these craft projects can be used as a gift this year!  

Before you browse through the list, here are some ideas for making these projects affordable.

1. Snowy Glass Jars - Hometalk
snowy winter candleholders made with epsom salt:
You can pick up some mason jars or glass candle holders from the dollar store to save some serious money on this craft.  Think outside the box and don't use these for just candles.  You can easily throw in some winter foliage and use these guys as vases. 

2. Snowman Soap Dispenser - Keeping it Simple
Snowman soap - this is cute and will keep kids washing their hands this Winter.:
Ask people to donate empty soap containers and turn them into adorable little dispensers that can be put out on display every year.  Cut out some stencils for the students to paint if you are really wanting this to come out perfect...otherwise, let the kids take charge!

3. Miniature Tree Table Toppers - Homemade Gifts Made Easy
miniature christmas tree ornaments from string
Oh my goodness...I love this beautifully simple decoration.  These would be perfect for the students to give their parents/guardians as a table display...and they are super cheap and easy to make. 

4. Bottlecap Snowman Ornament - Snapguide
Once the glue dried I took a black stamp pad and lightly rubbed the edges to give him some character. I decided to do this at the last minute so doing this before attaching the ribbon would...
Just some white paint, sharpies, ribbon, and a glue gun...and you have an adorable ornament to send home for the holidays. 

5. Reindeer Fingerprint Ornaments - Little Bit Funky
These are perfect as a last minute gift idea.  Pick up a box of cheap ornaments from Walmart or Michaels and you can have these made in no time at all!  You can get creative and make other festive characters as well.  Use white paint to make little snowmen.

6. Handprint Oven Mits - All Things with Purpose
I love that these oven mits will get use year after year and they have that sentimental touch.  Parents and grandparents would just love these.  You can pick up the mits at the dollar store to save money.  Be sure to click on the link above to learn about preventing the paint from washing out. 

7. Popsicle Ornaments - Holiday Pins
Six craft ideas all using popsickle sticks.  Cute, simple, kid-made, and inexpensive.  Need I say more?

8. Candy Sleighs - Joybobo
Regalo diy navidad con dulces:
Hmm...a gift for the chocolate lover perhaps? Who knows...regardless this craft is super cute and fun.

9. Sequin Sparkle Ornament - Caught on a Whim
This beautiful ornament adds the perfect amount of sparkle before the new year.

8. Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards - About a Mom
Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards
And of course you can't give away great gifts without a cute card to go with them!

For more creative art ideas and craftivities, click on the blog buttons below.  Thanks for following us!

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