Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Counting Down 'til the Big Day: Holiday Themed Math

Hi, this is Brandi from The Research Based Classroom. I am so excited to be blogging here on the first day of our Unwrapping Holiday Classroom Ideas event. Here on Focused on Fifth we will be celebrating all 12 day of Christmas and we have a lot of other great teacher bloggers who will be joining us each day. Today is day 1 and we are blogging about holiday themed math ideas for grades 3-5.

I am a huge fan of using task-based problems in math and as nerdy as this sounds, I love writing them. Especially when I can center them on themes and what's a more kid friendly theme than the holidays! Right now I am in working on solidifying my student's thinking about multiplication and division with decimals. Here are a few of the tasks I'm using in the next two weeks:

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To unwrap more great holiday themed math ideas, hop on over to these great blogs too. Happy Holidays from Focused on Fifth!


  1. Love your creative, festive story problems. Fun to read and focus on the problems at the North Pole. lol

    1. Thanks. Might as well make the most of the season in a mathematical sense!
      The Research Based Classroom

  2. These are great activities! I especially love the wrapping paper problems. Great idea!