Saturday, October 10, 2015

Periscope Tips for Fifth Grade Teachers

   I wrote this blog post to help other 5th grade teachers understand the world of live streaming video and how to use this new social media platform for your own professional development and your classroom!  This week I will focus on how you can connect with other 5th grade teachers on periscope.  On my next blog post, I will show you fun techniques for using periscope in your teaching practice.

    Periscope is a social media app for iPhones and androids.  Through it you can broadcast live videos of yourself and your surroundings to the world!  While you are broadcasting your viewers can chat with you, and you can answer their questions live.

  I like to think of it as a live version of youtube!

      There are several ways fifth grade teachers can use Periscope!  The first and most obvious way is to connect with other fifth grade teachers!

    Have you ever wanted to spy into your coworkers' classrooms to steal or borrow ideas from them? We teachers are always trying to improve our craft.  I know if something will make my life easier, that I am likely to try it out in my classroom. Periscope has allowed me to peek into the best 5th grade classrooms in the world!  While watching, I can be a passive viewer and just snoop in on the teacher, or I can be an active participant and ask that teacher questions!

   Here are my favorite fifth grade teacher periscopers.

1. @thewhimsicalteacher
That's me, and yes I did just give myself a shameless shout out!

I am a 5th grade teacher periscoping at my local Walmart parking lot from my car everyday after school!  Sometimes I periscope on tpt business advice, sometimes I have a topic, and a lot of times, I'm just talking about the daily ups and downs of being a 5th grade teacher!  I focus on using humor and costumes in the classroom to increase student engagement!  I also discuss professional development and behavior management tips.

2. @hopeking

     Hope King is a 5th grade Reading and Science instructor at the world famous Ron Clark Academy.  When Hope scopes, I stop everything to listen because she provides her viewers with cutting edge tips for 5th grade. Most recently, I learned how to transform my 5th grade classroom into a scene from Jurassic Park in order to do a full day integrated cross curricular unit!  How often do you learn something like that in your professional development classes?

3. @miss5th 

      Miss 5th is a fifth grade teacher named Brittney living in Illinois.  She lives up to her name as she has the most organized 5th grade classroom I've ever witnessed!  Every time Miss 5th is on periscope, I run to get a pad of paper. I've incorporated a lot of her creative ideas into my classroom- including her unique take on morning meetings and her invention of Totally Awesome Tuesdays where kids give each other an awesome compliment to start the day off right!

4. @runitrunnels

    Andrea is a fiery redhead from Georgia who has an intense passion for all things social studies!  If you are interested in building your 5th grade social studies or science curriculum, I highly suggest adding Andrea to your list of 5th grade periscopers!!  She is a volcano full of explosive teaching ideas, and she's more than willing to chat with her viewers on how to increase excitement over nearly any topic in 5th grade!  I love that she hasn't done a scope of her classroom reveal yet because it's just not quite "perfect"~!  One peek into her interesting room, and you will be filled with ideas on how to improve your own room!

       5. @mrjfrizzle

    Josh is a first year 5th grade teacher in Nebraska.  It's a real hoot watching his scopes about the trials and tribulations of being a first year teacher.  He is so raw and emotion filled when discussing the challenges and delights of his first year teaching!  He's also a comic book enthusiast who really thinks outside the box on how to have fun with this unique age group.  My favorite part of his classroom is this weird wooden zebra/horse thing he has that the kids have to "feed" as a part of their classroom jobs!  We can all use a little zaniness from Josh in our lives!!

     Thanks for tuning in readers, and I hope you'll give periscope a chance someday and start connecting with these amazing 5th grade teachers!

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