Monday, September 28, 2015

Using quick writes in the classroom

Hello friends!
I'm Erin from Learning to be Awesome and I'm here today to be your Focused on Fifth blogger of the day!
Today I'm bringing you a quick way to start your writing programme, or a welcome addition to any part of your literacy programme!

Firstly - what is a quick write?
A quick write is a piece of writing that is students complete in about 5 minutes.  Students are encouraged to respond to a prompt or question posed by the teacher.
These prompts can be pictures, a quote, or even just a word.
Quick writes don't need to be planned, edited or published, and are simply there to build fluency in your writing programme.

How do I use quick writes?
Well I use them in a range of different ways.  Check out three below.

First - As an alternative activity for morning work.  Kids love it when you add in a bit of excitement to their day.  There's nothing more exciting than racing a clock to try and beat your personal best!

Second - I also use quick writes as a warm up activity before my targeted writing lesson of the day/week.  This gives students an opportunity to practice skills learnt in previous lessons.  Often I will target my quick writes so that my students can practice specific skills.

Third - Quick writes are a great way to monitor your students thinking.  Check in with their creative thinking using question stems that require them to think inventively.  How about getting students to think critically by posing a difficult question.

My favourite way of using quick writes with my students is by using thinkers keys.  These are a combination of 20 different writing prompts that are directly related to critical and creative thinking skills.  My student's love the A-Z list one. This is a great prompt to use in cooperative groups! Students have to come up with a list relating to a topic starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Want to try thinkers keys in your class?  Grab yourself a freebie below and see how you like them!
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So what are you waiting for?  Give quick writes a try this week in your class! 5 minutes isn't too long to take out of your class, but the rewards could be huge!

Have you used quick writes before?  Tell me how you use them in your class!

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